Dear Everyone, if you have come to this website looking for a source of validation for your belief that the moon if full of delicious soup you have come to the wrong place.. Ditto on the moon being full of unappetising watery soup (the worst kind)..

What you will find here, lies below, in the form of a shopping list.. Sort of. Also i like elypsis.. You may have noticed.

*Recipes (the long and short of it)

*Travel (italy and spain, here i come!)

*photos (mostly ametuer!)

*humerous rambling

*fairly excellent writing

*Some of my thoughts

*food related things… oh yeah.

Enjoy your stay!


About MissNom

Chef. Sister. Food enthusiast. Aspiring writer. These are some of the things that i am. Also little crazy. A lotta freckles. A lot of personality. Buckets of oppinions. (baby, as they say, i aint backwards about comin' forwards) I am a girl from the country, living in the city, about to head to Italy and Spain to spend a year exploring everything that is woundrous, armed with nothing but a couple of lonely planet guide books, an obssession for food and a healthy dose of adventurousness. Yes, that is a word now. Would you care to join? View all posts by MissNom

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