Musings of the Gazebo Variety

Good morning and welcome to my thoughts.  Right now i am sitting in a gazebo out the back of my house, on a couch so worn and tatty it would look more at home in a crack den. But the light  falling through the lattice shade gives it a little life, a sort of preloved beauty.
My housemates giant doberman, a dog that more closely resembles a small horse than a dog, is gently nibbling on some grass. I believe he thinks no one is watching… Since when do giant dogs nibble on grass, anyhoo?
All in all it is a lovely saturday morning, and i am enjoying it all the more due to the fact that i am a chef and to not be at work on a saturday morning is a glorious thing in itself. I am on a cleanse at the moment.
No dairy will pass my lips,
Keep the sugar far away
no coffee will i sip
processed wheat is kept at bay
Or something like that.. But its not all (badly written ) poetry here in the world of my cleanse. I have been having mad sugar attacks (somewhat like badger attacks but a little less severe) and restraining myself from launching at the spare hot chips so golden and tantalizing in the bowl.
Now heres the thing. I used to eat quite healthily (is that a word?) but then i worked at  a restaurant where i was a dessert chef for over a year and then i got somewhat madly addicted to sugar. And my training occured in french and italian restaurants and now my brain tries to tell me to put butter on everything and that some white wine and cream will definately improve almost any situation.
‘Oh darling you broke your leg? Pour some white wine on there, reduce, add a little cream.. just a bit more than that, there you are… Now you’ll be fine. Not to mention delicious.’
Anyway. Theres no way Im giving up any of this stuff for good but a lessening is a a good move. Excess sugar makes you lethargic, prone to energy crashes and a little fidgety. And thus, when a workmate of mine told me she was doing a cleanse i decided to join her for the next three weeks. Im doing something a little different to her, but it honestly helps when you have someone else doing it with you. And now there are three of us at works healthing it up.
Today is day six for me and im feeling better today. Its hardest at work when im surrounded by all sorts of evil temptation. I will update soon about some of the food i have been eating..
But on to news of travel. I am planning on leaving in september but one thing has kept me from purchasing tickets; I lost my wallet some while ago and have been in the process of replacing my ID. And that, as anyone who has experienced it knows, is a long and laborious  process. But finally, not two days past I aquired my photo ID and now I just have to get my passport and then my visa.. Then day of days! i wil be able to purchase tickets to Rome! and adventure awaits!

Signing out… Miss Nom


About MissNom

Chef. Sister. Food enthusiast. Aspiring writer. These are some of the things that i am. Also little crazy. A lotta freckles. A lot of personality. Buckets of oppinions. (baby, as they say, i aint backwards about comin' forwards) I am a girl from the country, living in the city, about to head to Italy and Spain to spend a year exploring everything that is woundrous, armed with nothing but a couple of lonely planet guide books, an obssession for food and a healthy dose of adventurousness. Yes, that is a word now. Would you care to join? View all posts by MissNom

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