Monthly Archives: September 2011


Here i am, once again, in the Gazebo. But some things have changed. The couches are still reminiscent of crackdens, the light is still lovely, the dog is not alas, hilariously nibbling on grass.
But what is different, really different from last time i posted, or from two days ago, infact, is that I am free.
I am no longer employed, with  no plans for employment anywhere in the near future.
And while this is a lovely thought for most people; for someone who has been working in hospitality as long as I,  it is hard to come to terms with. Yesterday i spent two hours waking up, thinking of work. Of things to be done. Of things to organize. Of things to tell my head chef.
But it is no longer necessary. Not for me. Thats their pie now. And let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, they are welcome to eat the whole thing.
As a gift of mad generosity i told my head chef to go on holiday before i left and this meant that i, after months of working 60 hour weeks, finished off by working 11 days in a row. Without a day off, and sometimes without a break. I wont bore you with the details, partially because they would stress you out and partially because i dont feel like thinking about it right now.
But suffice to say that it is over. I have my passport. My visa is in process (finally!) and today i have to book my ticket.
This is really scary. Suddenly it becomes a reality. A huge gaping reality, with me on a tiny little bridge above it, made of rope by some rope apprentice who has no idea what he is doing. I am leaving the country. By myself. I will be 15,000 km from anyone i know. Without any plans or grasp of the native language or anything…
But it is also exciting. Fuck yeah! I’m on a bridge! What gaping reality chasm? Italy! Rome! No more work! No more gorram hospitality!  I can make new friends. Eat new food. Experience culture. Culture that has been around for thousands of years. Get insanely jelous of all the amazing European fashion.. Hot damn!
I am spending the next week and a half in brisbane seeing all my amazing friends and then my mum will pick me up and i will be staying for two weeks with her, seeing all my family and childhood friends before leaving on a jet plane, dont know when ill be back again… *cue music*
Today i have to fit everything i am taking into a suitcase and then get rid of everything else. My sister will be looking after my books, a good friend will be looking after my cookbooks and my mum will take my sexy frypans. And that will be that.
Now excuse me while i go try and choose what to fit into my suitcase… suitcase full of chocolate is acceptable, yes?