Farewell Brisbane…

My last two weeks in Brisbane was a wirldwind of socialization, relaxation, last minute shopping (sleeping bag, MP3 player, jeans, purple velvet corset – just the essentials…) and a rollercoaster of conflicting emotions.

Travel is exciting. Leaving your amazing friends seems like a bad decision when you are making burgers from scratch, having woodfired bbqs or drinking cider on the porch and talking late into the night…
My first night off i laid down for a nap and woke up 11 hours later. If you work for over two weeks without a day off your body will catch up with you eventually. And knock you out. And rest you up, weather you want to or not..
My going away party was a masquerade drinking and dancing bonanza and I still have the beautiful purple venetian mask packed in my suitcase with the intention to wear it to a real masquerade ball in Venice when I get there. Wish me luck.
My friend Sam and I planned a bbq in the park (well mostly him, to be honest) and it was a natural migration from the couches we slept on after after the party to the park and a fantastic afternoon. On our menu were Slamburgers (sams lamb burgers with mint and fetta), ambrosially good marinated Kangaroo, still bloody and and eaten with much gusto, vegetarian skewers in honey mustard marindade and sausages galore.
To  work off the oncoming food coma we took to beating each other up with roleplay weapons and playing like giant children in the play ground and then collapsed onto the grass.
*A special note to be made to the most fantastically girly hand-in-hand skipping i have ever seen two men do in public. We laughed till our sides hurt.
I went out to dinner with my friend Celria to Urbane. Over the last year she has been my restaurant eating partner. She is as excited by devouring gourmet food as me, while most people just stare at me and gasp, “You spent how much on one meal?!”
This time we went to Urbane for the twelve course vegetarian degustation. Celria convinced her friend to join us and we nibbled our way through twelve courses of exquisitely presented art-on-a-plate. It was definately not the most delicious food I have ever eaten but it was never-the-less  fascinating, exciting and deliciously indulgent. An experience.
There was a savory course that was a sweet egg shell made from a crispy candy filled with corn custard nestled in a bed of dark chocolate twigs. Damn! I love me some of those dark chocolate twigs.
To finish the whole thing off they brought a real bonzai tree out to the table with chocolate truffles hanging from the branches;  it was totally adorable. I also had a glass of french white wine and I cant for the life of me remember what it was called. Which is sad. Because it was lovely. Urbane website, I shall check you out soon. Be warned.

For the last few years I have played board games every tues like their going out of fashion. So to sate our insatiable board game hunger we farewell’d our boardgame tradition off with a whole day off board games topped off with a night off eggplant adventures (Warm smoky Babaganoush with fresh sourdough bread followed by piping hot moussaka) to convince everyone that if you think you dont like eggplant you simply have never had it prepared awsomely enough. The masses were converted.

The boardgames continued. At around midnight, just to test the limits of everyones stomach capacity we gorged ourselves on sticky date pudding with runny cream. Weep with jelousy.
They say parting is such sweet sorrow and there is nothing like leaving everyone you know to remind you of the truth of this statement. Ill be back – but in the mean time I’ll miss you all like a gap in the mouth were a tooth used to be…


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