What is The Long and Short Of It?

Welcome to the latest evolution of recipes!

Ok, ok, lets be fair, its just a cool idea I had.
A little fact about me; I like to read recipes. I like to read cookbooks.

Everyone can enjoy a beautiful shot of a gooey chocolate cake, a crisp apple, the detail in a buttery crimped pastry tart… But I like the READING of the recipe. Like a novel.

I once read the whole of Nigella Lawson’s How To Eat which is 800 or so pages without any pictures!.. And then I realised! Not everyone does!

In fact many people are simply daunted by a long recipe. Even if it is simply a short recipe explained in depth. Or they put it aside for ‘some day’.
Then, like an oncoming train, it hit me.  You could do both.
Upfront you have the straight forward recipe. Bam! Just ingredients and method.
And then, if you want more; if you desire tips and feedback and clarification you can read on further…  And I can add bits and pieces, modifications I discover later for frequent readers. So, ladies and gentlespoons, the long and short of it is born. Lets test this puppy together.

Disclaimer; the puppy we are testing is not a real puppy, but rather a metaphorical puppy. No puppies will be harmed in the writing or cooking of this blog.


About MissNom

Chef. Sister. Food enthusiast. Aspiring writer. These are some of the things that i am. Also little crazy. A lotta freckles. A lot of personality. Buckets of oppinions. (baby, as they say, i aint backwards about comin' forwards) I am a girl from the country, living in the city, about to head to Italy and Spain to spend a year exploring everything that is woundrous, armed with nothing but a couple of lonely planet guide books, an obssession for food and a healthy dose of adventurousness. Yes, that is a word now. Would you care to join? View all posts by MissNom

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