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On Snow

And Lo! Italy donned a white velvet cape, a luxurious garment;  dove-white and soft to the eye. It sparkled when the sun came out, like milk diamonds.

It lay across houses and hills. It alighted on pine needles and berries. It washed over mountains and formed on fence posts like waves about to crash – and stopped there, mid-crest.

It flowed like a river of cream down the roads and paths and tracks and cracks.

Laying in folds across neatly stacked fire wood and forming small tufts along windowsills

It is so grande that it begins to drag on the ground a little. Here the river of cream was pushed back to make way for the cars that are  dug out of the hills of sparkling white. Driving cautiously, topped with precarious mounds they dirty the pristine garment beneath their wheels.
Little jewels of light shine from within the postcard houses, the steepled churches, the antique brick cottages.

Necklaces of pointed ice dangles from sloped shingle roofs, beautiful as they are deadly.

  The wind ruffles the garment as it passes by. It  brushes past the imperial pine trees and small clumps of white shake themselves loose to hit the ground with a dull whump! or a soft pfff.

And the girl from Australia gazes apon Europes winter cape with wide eyes. It coats her hat and tries its hardest to smother the tenacious winter berries.

(Or perhaps they’re flowers?)

She nibbles tentatively on it, humming ‘Glad to have a friend like you’ under her breath. It dampens her gloves.

After she watches it from inside the warm house with her hands wrapped around a mug of chai tea as it she tries to put into words her first experience with snow…


Note: My camera seems to be working again folks, so all these photos are taken once again with my wonderful little beast…

Confessions Of The Florentine Variety

I have some confessions to make
Though it may seem as though (from my last post) that I am still in Rome.. I am not.
I have not been for almost a month.
The truth is, dear readers, that I have simply been having too much fun.
And for this I am deeply sorry.
Also I wish to confess that I will not be detailing every single thing that has happened in the last month right away as that is simply too daunting. It has been a stew thick with fantastic new people, stunning old architecture, delicious formaggio and an outrageous amount of walking.
Also wine.
Confession number three;  I dont usually make confessions.

Ok, so now that’s out of the way, lets bring you all up to date.
Scrapbook style…

After a week in the bustling madness that is Rome I felt like a moment of peace.  Enter Chianti. One of the wine growing regions of Italy.
I spent a lovely couple of days relaxing. Writing, having dinner with other travellers at the hostel and  haveing adventures through the olive groves nearby with a girl from taiwan…

I couchsurfed (more on couchsurfing later) with a wonderful woman in Monzuno. A tiny town on the side of a mountain, 650 metres above sea level, you could see halfway across the country from the balcony in my room.
Elena, the woman I stayed with, is a single Mum of such generosity and  warmth that it nearly made my heart explode. We talked and she cooked for me and showed me the mountain in her bright yellow schoolbus…

Next up was Bologna. Ten days of awesome couchsurfing experiences. From a Syrian dinner on helloween to an unexpected capoira lession…

From walking to the church of San Lucca to cooking a feast while dancing to Florence and the Machine…

One of my hosts had a rabbit in their house! A rabbit, I tell you!

I spent a day in Parma (which I love!) and just marvelled at the fact that I was in the part of the world where Parmesan cheese, Balsamic vinegar, Proscuitto, ferraris and Bolognaise sauce are  from…
Food heaven.

Also worth mentioning is the best icecream that I have had in Italy so far.. Check out the fantastic Grom!

Bologna is a diverse city, with the oldest university in Europe. I found it to be laid back and friendly. I will be coming back here, believe you me.

And now, now I am in Florence.
Its Italian name is Firenze, and for any of you people who have read Harry Potter you will understand when I tell you that everytime I see a sign saying Firenze my brain tells me that Mars is looking bright tonight.

I am staying in a Villa! Amongst Olive Groves!
I climbed to the top of the Duomo… And then ate a two course Italian meal; Honeydew melon and proscuitto salad followed by homemade Papperdelle with rabit ragut and homemade bread. And then a coffee.
This is a big deal for me as I am normally full after 1 course. Project ‘Expand Miss Noms stomache’ was working!

Got silly in the gorgeos Graveyard of Mitiano.. (but really, what do you expect from me?)

Had a picnic with sausages and wine and cheese on a bridge one down from the Ponte Vechio with an American gal and a Mexican guy named Jesus…

Caught up with my fantastic american girlfriends who I met in Rome, to explore the medieval town of Arezzo and again to see the Textile museum in Prato…

Next up will be Sicily and yet more adventures.. I will eleborate on my first month as I have more time – until then.. stop living vicariously through me and go and have some adventures of your own! I want to hear about them!

But for now its getting cold.. So Ill put on my alpaca gloves and enjoy a cup of vanilla tea while staring at Olive trees…